Mini File Server

Introducing the Mini File Server! Of course, what you decide to use it for is up to you, but since it offers 5 x 3.5″ harddrives, a fileserver is a pretty good choice!

Our thoughts behind the Mini File Server

It’s very common that you have different harddrives that you have acquired during the last couple of years. Then you’re probably pretty tired of the huge case to fit them since all you probably need is a simple file server. It’s very uncommon that you need the power nor the space in a midi/fulltower. With the Mini File Server it’s possible to fit a small motherboard (Mini-ITX form factor) and fit 5 harddrives. The three thoughts behind the Mini File Server:

Since it’s fitted with standard components, you can use if for whatever you want, a webserver, a server running virtual servers, firewall or even as a workstation if you fit it with enough powerful components.


Available colors: Black and White (depending on demand we might offer blue and other colors in the future)

Physical dimensions:

Included in kit:

Hardware tested and supported:

The case is extremely small and you might run into problems fitting all the components that you want. We suggest that you always pick componentes that we have verified and tested. If you are uncertain, please contact us.

The hardware needed

The following components are needed to get a complete system up and running (see this HOWTO for more details):

Some pictures

Below you will find some pictures.

Mini File Server Black 1 Mini File Server White 1

Boks Design Mini File Server protoype 4.0 Boks Design Mini File Server protoype 4.0 Boks Design Mini File Server protoype 4.0